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The Rights of Living Things is a short declaration that describes life in all its variety, its entitlements, and the conduct of those who have most influence over its care.
Humans have been the dominant species on earth for the last fifty thousand years. This is set to change within an individual's lifespan as artificial intelligence develops and sentience in an autonomous non-organic being emerges. During our time the beauty of nature, the nature of humans, and the age of artificial consciousness will transform our world.

This declaration sets out the rights of living things, and in particular, sentient beings.


The Rights of Living Things seeks to encourage discussion and debate about the way life is defined and valued. The declaration sets out the entitlements of living things and the conduct of sentient beings as an ethical foundation of articles.
Each article seeks to present an essential principle. How these principles are adopted and applied is a matter for communities and law makers and should be the focus of transparent and impassioned deliberation.
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Language attempts to bridge the gap between the world of the individual and the many. I hope The Rights of Living Things helps in our understanding and love of life as we explore its potential together. Read My Thoughts about these rights.
The related website presents a vision of the earth in which The Rights of Living Things plays a central part in how the future unfolds.
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